Quality Homes Built by Mark Lee, Beacon Rock Construction

Mark Lee grew up in construction. His father owned a small
construction company in California, and by the time Mark was a teenager, he was
doing framing, sheetrock, and other construction job helping his father in the
business.  He went to architectural
school for a couple years, but decided that being stuck in an office or an
enclosed environment all the time was not suitable for him, because he likes to
be outdoors.  He had an opportunity to
work with a large Japanese construction company that opened up a home building
division in California.  Mark has been
involved in home building ever since, about 30 years ago.  Mark has the skills and abilities of an
architect and the hands on expertise of a building contractor.
He makes sure that the homes he builds are useable and practical as well
as beautiful.  Some of the new homes he
designed in the last month have 3 feet 6 inch wide stairways and 4 feet wide
hallways.  The majority of regular homes
have 3 feet wide stairs, and 3 feet hallways, and if two people pass, they have
to turn sideways.  In kitchens, I design
a 4 feet space around the island, so you can have more than one person in a
kitchen, and even have the dishwasher open, and actually walk past them without
having to jump over the dishwasher door. 
So I have worked things out in that respect to be more practical.” 


Prior to opening up his own business, Mark worked for a
large national homebuilder.  He was their
division president, overseeing all the operations
.  “Things were great, going along like
gangbusters for a long while.  I oversaw
the building of over 1600 homes during those years.  When the home building business collapsed a
few years ago, the company I worked for went bankrupt and out of business.  I then started my own endeavor.  I designed and built homes on spec, and have
been fortunate that all of the homes I have built have sold quickly.  So even during the rough times, I have built
and sold two or three homes a year.  I
also do consulting work for a large construction company, but I stay in home
building as a passion.  I am now in the
negotiating stage for a new subdivision, with capital already raised and set to
go.  We are in the final stages of a
contract that should close in the next couple months, and then I will be going
back into home building on a full time basis. I like home building rather than
other things, because I can see the results or the fruits of my labors, so to
speak.  I love driving past homes and
subdivisions that I have built.  My kids know
just about every home that I have built. 
We’ll drive by and I’ll point out this home or that one, and they’ll say
yes, dad, you showed us that one already.  
I do enjoy a sense of pride in my work, knowing that I helped to put
that home together, and that people live there and enjoy the home.  And it’s something that lasts indefinitely.
Obviously every home I have built is still standing, and being enjoyed by the
people who are living there.“ Mark builds any size of homes.  Over the years there have been different
trends.  Fifteen years ago home were
averaging 1500 square feet.  During the
heyday, homes were averaging 2200 square feet. 
People had a lot of equity from previous homes, and many of them wanted
to build the absolutely largest home they could possibly get.  He would advise them on a larger size yard
for practical enjoyment. 

“Now because of the recession and pricing, people are
wanting more practical and usable homes. 
Now we are designing and building homes with great room concepts that
are used for everything, where you cook, eat, sit down, entertain, enjoy each
other’s company, and you don’t have any wasted space.”

Mark has enough one story and two story plans to meet most every need.  He has customized for families with aging
parents and those who need handicap accessibility, and anticipating future
disability needs. 

“I widen the doorways and hallways, install low rise showers that can be
accessible.  The majority of the team is
me myself and I, but I do have co-workers, architects, interior decorators, and
a wide gambit of additional help and resources that I utilize.   The new designs are now at the architect’s
office now, and there are seven new designs coming out that can be fine-tuned
to meet most anybody’s needs.”

If you are in the market for a new home, you’ve got to check out what Mark has
to offer.  He can be contacted directly
at his business email, mlee@brcchomes.net,
and his business phone 360-989-7277.  The
website is in revision now, and should be up by the end of August, and Mark
plans to be building homes again full time before the end of the year.