Rosie Brinsek RN offers Eden Energy Medicine Sessions in Vancouver WA

Rosie Brinsek is a Registered Nurse who has practiced in traditional western medicine for many years.  
She noticed that some of her patients healed easily, and others did not.  She discovered that their was an "indefinable something" that affected the way people heal, and began investigating Energy Medicine as a way to improve that healing process. Eden Energy Medicine began with Donna Eden, a massage therapist who practiced in Ashland Oregon for many years and then began teaching her energy medicine methods to others.  The Eden Energy Medicine certification program is now taught around the world.  Most anyone can benefit from Energy Medicine because it helps to balance your energy, relieve stress, and improve your body's ability to relax and get into healing mode. Rosie works mostly with people who struggle with anxiety or chronic illness or disease.  Contact Rosie for your Energy Medicine Appointment by email at