Dr. Rebecca Asmar of Bambu Clinic interviewed by Jo Lyn Cornelsen

Bambu Clinic is a Naturopathic
and Chinese Medicine Clinic located in downtown Portland at 

838 SW 1st Ave, Suite 330, ?Portland, OR 97204    

We’ve been here in this
location for 5 ½ years, and I’ve been in practice in the Portland area for ten
years. We offer the full gamut of Naturopathic medical services along with full
time acupuncturist, and we focus really on autoimmune conditions, regulatory
system issues including hormonal problems, immune system issues and the nervous
system.  Also in my practice specifically
I love to see kids, so I have a pretty active pediatric practice as well.


Really what I love most about Naturopathic medicine is the
ability to provide health care direct to the patient, customized to their
needs, and to be able to work with my patients to be able to solve their health
care problems.
  I have a lot of options
in my toolbox
and I just like to solve those puzzles, those health care issues
that people come in with. 


I do bill health insurance for my patients.  I’ve chosen personally not to contract with
insurance, so I’m an Out of Network Provider, but I do bill for patients who
have Naturopathic coverage, and the acupuncturist in the office is fully
contracted with insurance companies, so if you have acupuncture coverage, she
is also billing the insurance for her patients.


I see kids of all ages. 
I would say that the zero to ten-year-old range is definitely more
common than teenagers, although I do see a handful of teenagers as well in my
practice.  And then, as far as adults, I
would say the most common patient coming into a Naturopath’s office is a 40 to
50 year old woman.  Generally they are
seeking out alternatives to health care and have some health issues that they
could use some help with.


I think people come to me often because they are not getting
health care answers that they want. Either they are taking a medication that is
helping them with the symptom, but they don’t feel better overall, or whatever
their medical doctor is offering them isn’t really getting to the heart of the


You know, I have a strong opinion about health care.  I think that the conventional model is
extremely important, and that there is a role for both conventional and
alternative care.


I prefer to really think through health care problems based
on the idea of acute and chronic conditions.
In acute conditions, generally
some conventional care is really important to help to manage symptoms while
we’re trying to figure out how to improve someone’s health overall.  But in chronic conditions, overall, a
Naturopathic approach is much more sustainable
and a better solution for a lot
of people, because chronic conditions just end up being managed by medications.
So I think the combination of conventional and alternative or Naturopathic care
can really benefit a patient to the highest degree, if we work together and
understand our roles.


We recently have incorporated infrared light therapy into
the clinic. 
Beth Griffin, the
acupuncturist here at the office, and I have been working excellently together
for a couple of years now.  We share
patients, and we are getting better patient results from working together. 
And we both agree that adding another therapy
like infrared light therapy would really take that even to the next level.  The infrared lights are applied to the body
from the outside.  It’s a passive
way to get some treatment for patients, and infrared lights are really great for improving
circulation, increasing detoxification, reducing inflammation, and just promoting
metabolic activity in the cells so that the body can heal itself faster.


In Naturopathic medicine, we really heavily on the body’s
ability to heal itself, so if we can do anything that will actually increase
the body’s ability to do that healing, then I want to bring it in to what we’re


For the month of August, we are currently offering a
combination of acupuncture and light therapy for just $10 per half-hour-session
. You’ll sit in a comfy chair, put
some lights on your body in places that will help with either pain, or inflammation,
or stress relief, or detox, or other health conditions that you might need help
with.  And then the acupuncturist will
put some targeted needles into areas to help further that treatment plan.
this month of August, while we are really promoting this program, and trying to
work out all the kinks, we charging a low, $10 fee for it.  But in September, when we get it off the
ground, it will be a $25 fee for a half-hour session just with the lights, and
a $40 fee for a half hour session of lights and acupuncture combined.  Call Bambu Clinic at 

503-274-9360  to schedule an appointment, and please like the Babmu Clinic page at https://www.facebook.com/bambuclinic  
To Your Health - Dr. Rebecca Asmar