Dr. Zayd Ratansi, ND, Wellness Without Limits, Interview Part 1

Dr. Zayd Ratansi ND explains how he got started in Natural Medicine with a degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA, and then took part in opening the first hyperbaric oxygen clinic in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

He chose that specialty because he had seen how effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy was in the healing of diabetic foot wounds.  Dr. Ratansi explains that hyperbaric oxygen helps give extra cellular energy in the body, and that energy is what the body uses to function, to repair, to heal, to grow, and to regenerate. Giving the body extra energy let's the body do what it knows how to do - and that is to heal.  
Viewers are invited to listen to Dr. Ratansi speak about Natural Healing methods in Vancouver WA on August 19, 2013, at the Heathwood Lodge, 6:45 pm. Come experience a free Light Therapy session for yourself at 6pm.  Sponsored by Edna Ness, InLightLife.com 

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Part 3: How Dr. Ratansi checked himself into his own clinics to accelerate healing after a life threatening accident.
Part 4: Dr. Ratansi speaks to the vision of Wellness Without Limits, integrating natural healing processes with traditional health care practices to accelerate healing, and making these natural healing processes available for self-healing at home.