DiAnne Berry, Stress Relief through Energy Therapy

Jo Lyn Cornelsen interviews DiAnne Berry about her Energy
Therapy Practice and Trajectory Course
for other energy therapists. 

Jo Lyn apologizes for the bad connection - but the content
is important to share, so we’re going for it anyway! Here’s the transcript of
our call:


DiAnne has been doing is a form of energy therapy called
BodyTalk, Accunect and Emotion Code, being very careful to do only those things
that she has been drawn to. 

In years past, DiAnne experienced challenging health issues
related to food and environmental intolerances that she did not know how to
deal with.  Western Medicine, as much as
DiAnne loves it, just “patted me on the head and said DUH, so I had to look in
other areas for help.  This was very
difficult, because many of her family members are nurses and not familiar or
supportive of alternative therapies.


Then DiAnne’s mother got cancer, and suffered for two years
before passing away.  She kept insisting
that there must be something else that could help her besides the traditional
methods.  DiAnne began searching for
things that can help people, that would be non-invasive and more natural.  She found a multitude of things.

She says it very clearly: “Your body heals. Your body knows
what it needs to heal, and nobody else can do that for you. It was interesting
to make that shift in understanding, to recognize that there was something that
was keeping that healing from happening. 
One big thing that affects almost all of us is stress. I don’t know
anyone in the world that doesn’t have some kind of stress somewhere.  Stress puts the body in a fight and flight
mode.  In that mode, the resources that
are meant to nurture you go instead, toward fight or flight rather than rest
and healing. A big part of my work is to help the body to recognize what it
needs to do to get into the rest and healing mode, rather than to stay and struggle
in the fight or flight mode.

It would never occur to you, if you got a small cut, that
your body wouldn’t heal on its own eventually. 
But if you get bacteria in that cut, you would need to take the action
to help it heal by cleaning out the infection so the body can heal the wound.” 


Stresses can come from many sources – physical, emotional,
mental, social, and environmental. Through the work that I now do, I can help
alleviate the effect of the stresses you experience, so that your body can get
back to the job of taking care of you.


DiAnne works well with anyone who is ready to let go of
underlying challenges so their body can re-balance itself and heal. She enjoys
working on people of all ages, including adults, children and even animals. Children
are a lot more open to be able to re-set some of the stressors they have.


She also works with non-verbal people with disabilities, and
has learned to communicate with them outside the verbal context.  She has created her Trajectory training to
help others learn to do the same. Jo Lyn attended DiAnne’s first Trajectory
class, and had a deep emotional meditative experience.

DiAnne continues offering private sessions along with
teaching her courses. You can connect with DiAnne and find out when her next
classes are  at www.DiAnneBerry.com


She is also creating a new training called Embracing Empathy.  Many people who are drawn to healing and
health fields such as psychology are empathic. 
Because they have that gift, they can experience what other people are
feeling.  But they don’t always recognize
that much of what they are carrying is not their own, and that they don’t have
to carry it. DiAnne helps empathetic people recognize what is theirs, what they
can carry, what they don’t need to carry, and how to use the information and
feelings that come to them in useful ways to help themselves, their families
and others.


DiAnne wants everyone to know that energy therapy sessions
can help relieve many symptoms of many diseases or stress related issues.  One of her clients suffered from epilepsy,
which began in his teen years, which was very frustrating for him.  After a few sessions with DiAnne, he felt he
had more control to create the life he wanted to have, rather than being
completely disabled.


A lot of DiAnne’s work is done remotely.  This is called distance work, and is possible
because we are truly connected energetically, all over the planet.  She lives in the Vancouver Washington area,
and has clients as far away as Hawaii and Prague.  The work is not confined to where she is or
where the client is.  DiAnne’s energy
therapy is able to help the client’s body recognize the areas that need to be
balanced so that it can heal and function more effectively.   Connect
with DiAnne at www.DiAnneBerry.com