Discover the Revitalizing Power of Light Therapy

Discover the Revitalizing Power of Light 

Jo Lyn first met Edna Ness several years ago at a
naturopathic office where Edna worked.  Jo Lyn came in using a walker because her knee was so inflamed that she
could not bear weight on her left leg. 
Edna placed light pads on Jo Lyn's knees and ankles, and after 90 minutes
with the light therapy pads, Jo Lyn was able to stand up and walk out of the
office “under her own steam.”


Edna says that people often feel stuck in the traditional medical world, which
often fails us by not giving us simple things to help us improve our own
health, but instead just prescribe medications. 
There are simple, natural things that can help us to help our own health
and wellness.  Some are free, and others
cost a little more, but are worth it because they allow us to have the power of
healing at our fingertips in our homes.

Light therapy pads are among Edna’s favorite tools.  They help us feel good, reduce pain, reduce
inflammation, reduce stress and tension, and if you have your own pads, you can
use them whenever you need them, day or night, without having to go into a
clinic for a treatment.  
Light therapy does
not take the place of other health treatments, but it compliments them.  Edna’s light
pads are professional grade light therapy tools that come from a high integrity
company with great customer and distributor service.  She has worked with this company for seven


Edna explains how the light therapy helped heal her son, a
skateboarder, who nearly lost his foot at age 22 due to a poisonous spider
bite.  The toxin from the spider bite had
caused a deep, necrotic cavity inside his leg, bigger than a golf ball.  The wound had to be packed
with antibiotic gauze every other day, and the doctor was concerned that he might lose his foot.  After a month with no improvement, Edna's son agreed to try the light therapy pads.  In just three days, the light helped the wound heal enough to actually push the packing
out of the wound.  Her son is still a
skateboarder, snowboarder, and surfer, and still used the lights on a regular
basis for sports injury recovery and to relax tired, stiff muscles.

The lights are FDA approved for pain relief and increased circulation, and they
help the body cells have more energy to heal. 
They can help to minimize new injuries as well as provide comfort and stimulate healing. When you get injured, you want the
blood flow to come to that area to help our tissues heal – because that’s what
heals us.  Our body is very smart, and
knows how to heal, it just needs a little extra energy at times.  Providing
that extra energy is what the lights do, so it’s pretty darn simple and very
exciting.  It can be used for an old
injury or a new injury.  Edna recommends for those who want
to research more about how light therapy works. 
Edna does offer light therapy treatments at her POSH salon
in the Hazel Dell area of Vancouver Washington, and if you like the lights, you can
purchase your own for use at home.  She
also offers free monthly natural healing informational seminars in the Portland
Oregon and Vancouver Washington areas to teach people more about natural healing, especially the light therapy.  The
seminars go from 6 pm to 8 pm, but if you want to come early and try out a free
light therapy session, be there at 5 pm! 
Check  for current seminar dates, times and places.  
Light therapy is natural, healthy, easy, powerful and simple.  That’s what Edna’s work is all about – things
that help us help ourselves to be naturally healthy, vibrantly beautiful and
live our lives fully.

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