What is Portland Vancouver Hangout Local?

Excited to launch this awesome new small business interview website for the Portland Oregon / Vancouver Washington area! 

Hi, I’m Jo Lyn Cornelsen, introducing PortlandVancouverHangoutLocal.com, a great, new local community business site.  

We showcase local business owners and experts, so that when you are
searching for services, you can get to know and trust their expertise and
appreciate their contribution to our local community.


I’ve been an entrepreneur and a business trainer for over 15
years, so I know the skill and effort it takes to start up and then to scale up
a successful business.


Like most people, I was dismayed at how the downturn in the
economy affected so many good companies in the last few years.  I know it affected my business.  But I wasn’t alone.  All around me, I saw previously solid
business ventures fall apart. 


But at the same time, I also noticed a huge, new wave of web
and mobile technologies emerging, shifting how we connect personally,
professionally and in business.


Change is difficult because it puts us outside our comfort
zone.  But not all change is
negative.  Sometimes, a simple shift in
perception and focus can open up whole new worlds of opportunity.


PortlandVancouverHangoutLocal.com is an example of new
opportunity.  We leverage Google’s new
technology called Hangouts, using it to interview and showcase local business
owners and experts who are making a difference and helping our community


Those we interview share their business stories.  You’ll see who they are, why they do what
they do, their perspective on contributing to the community through their
businesses, and maybe some of plans they have for the future.  And of course, they’ve got offers to share
with you, to thank you for caring enough to tune in and learn more about them.


An important part of every good business message is a call
to action, so I ask you to please like our Facebook Page.  Also, please share our site with your local business
friends… they’ll thank you for the Free Press and Publicity they receive, when
they get featured in a video interview on PortlandVancouverHangoutLocal!!


And now, for my offer… Would you like to discover strategies
and systems for successfully taking a local business online? Then I invite you
to contact me and request to join my mailing list, and I’ll share with you the New Art and the Science of
Attracting More Clients to Your Local Business!