Modus3: More than an iPad Case with Keyboard

Today I'm joined by DJ
Sherman, product designer of the new Modus III. 

Can you tell us about the
Modus III?

As a lot of viewers know,
there is a flood of great new productivity apps coming out for tablets and the
iPad, and they are turning the iPad into a real world productivity tool.  Modus 3 is a premium, comfortable environment
that helps you get the most out of both your tablet and the apps.

The Modus III is in fact
like a portable office.  Everything is
self contained. You have a premium quality adjustable laptop sized keyboard,
moveable and removable iPad case, a built in docking station for your smart
phone, cord storage, enhanced speakers and more.

The Modus III is designed
primarily for business men and women on the go, but it can also be very helpful
for anyone who uses their iPad for typing. 
It has been documented that in 2012, 46% of people are using their iPad
as their only computer, and that number can only be growing for 2013.  Those who can benefit from having Modus III
could be doctors, lawyers, construction workers, students, accountants, home
office workers, parents, and especially people who are working in the
field.  They can click the iPad out
easily, take it with them on site, and then bring it back and return it to the
Modus III and be back into comfortable, ergonomic-friendly productivity with
just one click.

The Modus III is all
about comfort, productivity and versatility. 
The new productivity apps are only as good as the environment that you
are using to work with them in. 

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The Modus III helps you
make the most of your iPad technology, and is a full but convenient mobile
office that you can take anywhere.  If
you are an iPad user, you love innovation, excellence, and productivity to optimize the power and
convenience of your iPad.