Dotty Scott builds Premium Websites

Jo Lyn and Dotty met while working on a marketing team for a client they both have in common. Dotty builds websites mostly in Wordpress, and also helps her clients figure out what they should be doing online to get better results, guiding her clients toward online marketing tasks that are simple enough to do for themselves if they so choose. Her clients are mostly local service business owners, in the local Portland Vancouver area. 
Dotty started her Premium Websites business about 8 years ago. Prior to that, she took on the task of building a website for her husband's business. She thought, "I can do this". She tried one of those build-it-yourself things that you can do online, but found it extremely difficult and so frustrating, that she thought, "I am a reasonably intelligent person, and this was such a struggle, that I could probably market this as a business." So she learned how to actually code websites by hand with HTML before Wordpress was even around, because she couldn't get any of those do-it-yourself websites to even work. That's how she got started. It was a need that needed to be filled, and she knew there were a lot of really intelligent business owners out there that needed websites build, who didn't have the time to figure out what she had figured out. It does take time and effort to learn to work with technology, to be effective in online marketing, and to keep up with technology. 
Dotty's favorite clients are people who have already had a website, and have worked with other website designers and experienced what is available in the market, because these clients really, really appreciate how different she is from what they have worked with before. And the difference is usually simple stuff, like returning a phone call. It's customer service. It's actually listening to what they want. And if what they want isn't really going to work, it's really explaining to them why, and how something else would work better and give them better results. Dotty says that it is tough to give general online marketing advice for local businesses, because every local business is in a different position than others. "It really depends on what they have already done, what they are comfortable with, and the goals that they want to reach." She encourages them to begin with figuring out what their online goals are, and then she helps them figure out a way to get them there. Many small business solo entrepreneurs can be so excited about their business, but don't really understand that it takes more than excitement to get them clients. What it takes is actually learning how to market, finding out where your market is, how to reach out to touch them, and all of that. Dotty acts in the role of a website builder, but also as a marketing consultant with just about every one of her clients. Dotty's clients don't generally have a marketing team behind them. They are not huge corporations or even midsize businesses that would have all of that. So she gives them online options that they can then research and decide what they want to go do. Taking a business online can be difficult for people who don't have technology skills and marketing expertise. So enlisting Dotty's service and expertise in creating online assets as business structures can make so much difference, and these assets work for you whether you are there or not. Dotty can be reached through the contact form on her website,, by direct email at, or by calling her directly at 360- 607-4767.