Julie & Jo Lyn: Chicks Connect at PortlandVancouverHangoutLocal.com

If you've ever been in the flow of pure inspiration, then you will resonate with Julie Muller as she reveals the inside story of Chicks Connect began with just one chapter in the Portland, Oregon area and has expanded to multiple cities in multiple states across the nation.  

"Chicks Connect is more than a membership, it is a movement. Chicks are agents of change, doing much more than simply supporting women in business with referrals and marketing ideas. Becoming a member requires one to look deeper within oneself to live a fuller, more vibrant life, while helping members take the time for self-discovery and self-care on every level. Whether you’re a young mother with a home business, an on-the-go professional, or an empty nester reentering the job market, Chicks Connect is supportive of your business, relationships and life’s challenges."

Julie draws upon her skills as a professional educator and organizer in her role as "Head Chick." Starting a group is easy, just go to this link: http://bit.ly/17C4gLj , register, then click "start a group".   http://bit.ly/17C4gLj

Julie's special offer as a thank you for watching this video and getting the word out about Chicks Connect: a special one page report and a discount on the first month's membership fee for Chicks Connect. Here's that link again:  http://bit.ly/17C4gLj

"Chicks Connect is unlike any other networking group, because it fosters an intimacy that grows into something you never realized you needed. For me it allows a certain kind of authenticity and responsibility that I haven’t found anywhere else."  - Ali Davidson, Member of Chicks Connect

Looking for an amazing personal and professional development experience in a Women's Mastermind Support Network? 
Click here to join the  Chicks Connect movement now: http://bit.ly/17C4gLj 

"A huge benefit I have gained from being involved with Chicks Connect is the development of an instant family and loving community of women who choose to be “torch bearers” for one another." - Elyse Williams, Chicks Connect Member